STOP/GO decision

After the evaluation process a clear decision has to be made: We anticipate that in many SMEs the same questions may arise.


a) Do we have an evaluation process?


b) Do we have a clear business strategy?


c) Who is responsible for this important decision?



If you can't answer these questions you have to do some work before getting started, because this first STOP / GO decision represents a preliminary decision that has to be checked twice before entering the next stage "Concept".


Simon Derry from Project Leaders International (PLI)  analyzed three important GO effects we would like to share with you. Good news if your idea fits in the first two categories....


Project Leaders International (PLI) also defined the following clear NO GO actions. We find them helpful for a first decision making and therefore share it with you here.


Project Leaders International provide an excellent modell with their V-SAFE screening which we would like to share with you.


@partners: please choose appropriate methods in your national language. As an example here we refer to the V-Safe method.