Collect Ideas

The process for collecting ideas in a small company might be as simple as this: Put an Idea-Box at a central point in your office and ask your staff, your clients and your suppliers to put their ideas in it! We experienced that this simple method might be a good point of departure as long as you are aware of one important fact: When collecting ideas you raise expectations by all people involved and this leads us to the next important fact: Do not put the Idea-Box in your office before you know what to do with all these ideas.


In the first instance you will need to develop a simple process for dealing with the ideas you have collected. You will find more information how to do this on this page. Below we would like to introduce some interesting methods on the theme. Just click through the content and choose the appropriate ones for your company:



When people think about creativity in a business they are often referring to ideas for new products and services that come from the employees. We think that many positive influences come from outside a business and that is important to keep your eyes open to such opportunities. Here we present the most common sources for new product and service ideas:


In this article we will provide you with an overview of Creativity Techniques: Osborn, Gordon and De Bono are the big names when it comes to creativity techniques. There are numerous variations and combinations of every technique so an overview is useful.


There are many facilitation methods that are often mentioned in the context of creativity and generating solutions. They can be used to analyse a problem and to look for solutions. A good facilitator is able to get the benefit from these methods to support a group to make progress.


We would like to share some outputs from our experience when implementing innovation management in SMEs: The following categories emphasize the three most important resources a company can benefit from regarding the creation of new ideas: employees, customers/suppliers and partners. Read through it and find out if these thoughts might help you to improve your current situation.